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Farmers Insurance

Phone: (800) 272-5208

Address: 111 E Puainako St, Hilo, HI 96720, USA

Rating: (4/5)

Farmers Insurance Reviews

by Messina Quon
Always been my insurance company

by Bruce Leonard
Great place to go

by Jovi Spalding
I read the prior review and i don't think the person realized that is the reality of insurance companies in general. blue book price is for resale value but the car is not being sold it is a total loss. when you no longer need insurance for a vehicle because it has been sold, damaged, whatever you are responsible for letting them know you no longer need's not just farmers it's all are the one responsible for adding or removing insurance not the carrier. I'm sure she didn't get into an accident when she was with Geico so she hasn't experienced the same situation with them. For everyone's reference Farmers has offered great services to my family, they actually partner with multiple brands. From their office they paired us with progressive who had the best deal for our circumstances. if we ever need to submit documentations etc we just head to the office. someone banged my husband when they were speeding pass a STOP sign. it was also a total loss which paid off the loan and left us with $1000 so we used it as a downpayment for another vehicle but we were left without a car for a month before receiving a rental and had to return the rental as soon as we received check although we hadnt bought a new car yet. Everyone will have a different experience but I don't want people to just bypass this option because of one bad review. Worth checking out!

by Kasia Kapuras
My vehicle was in an accident September of last year and was claimed a total loss by farmers. My first issue with them is that when they were trying to pay me out for my car, the price they offered was half of the blue book, mind you I had a new but used vehicle in which i was still making payment for. I demanded they look at outside sources to compare the value. They ended up giving me just barely what the blue book was. Now here we are in June almost 10 months later and they have been charging my insurance plan for two vehicles (mine and my moms) when they claimed my vehicle a total loss!! We called Farmers to dispute and they claimed that when we first realized we were still being charged back in January, that we only called to inquire as to why we were paying full coverage on a totaled car and refused to reimburse us! I think the way they handle their business is sad, and are just trying to dig deep into their customers pockets! I had GEICO previously and never had a problem once! Think twice before choosing Farmers

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